• what is the cartoonist trying to say about American values?
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“Girl in a Country Song”

  • what are the singers critical of in the country music they hear?
  • what is the song saying about gender?
  • how do the gender expectations in the song compare to NW Iowa?
  • how are the singers’ values different than their culture?
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What Americans value

  • what does the average American value most?
  • does NW Iowa match the values of the rest of the country?
  • does your generation match values of the average American adult?
  • do the statistics support what Americans usually claim to value?
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English 10 students, welcome to your blog. This space gives your written work an audience, and it gives us a way to keep the conversation going outside of class.

Remember to be brave and take risks with your posts, and to validate each other’s work and ideas in your responses.

Please proofread your entries, and make sure you use a language and tone appropriate for class work.

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